His Story

“Life doesn’t always imitate art, but when it does, it prefers Ian Hannaford.”

Up until that fateful Lehmann’s moment on September 15th, 2008 ~ Ian had most people’ s dream life:

An income of some $25,000 a month from a broking business spanning Spain, Germany and Serbia with 55 boys & girls on his team that he had mentored and trained to be telephone warriors selling green ethical investments in solar power farms, a beautiful young Thai wife and a lovely house on the isle of Mallorca overlooking the sea.
It all went wrong when his business partner put $400,000 in an account that initially was frozen and then stolen.

Ian and his partner misguidedly decided to carry on paying for their offices, 5 apartments, salaries and commissions out of their own pockets in the belief that the situation would resolve itself.

Of course it did not…

He then traded down his lovely house to a flat.

He had an affair with a Brasilena *See below.

Then, quite understandably, his wife left.

He then gave up his home and its contents and by 2011 was couch surfing via South Africa for a year where he even assisted the hopeful next president of Zimbabwe Brian Muvumbe and his democratic party.

When his visa ran out, it was off to Phuket, Thailand to initially stay at a friend’s house a while and then to move in with a girlfriend locally on Phuket.

He was fit and used to run every day at dawn with the Muay Thai boxers, training for an hour with guys half his age.

Then he lost 25% body mass with no underlying medical reason, more than likely attributable to stress.

On a good day, friends meeting Ian said “hi stick man” and on a bad day “hello cancer man”…

The military coup in Thailand was initially a breeze to cope with although folks did think that he was crazy for not leaving the country fearing that he would picked up for not having a visa and slammed into the infamous “Bangkok Hilton” from which the consulate said he would likely not survive.

At this point, Ian lived for months in one room not leaving it for fear of arrest. Eventually two of his friends put together just enough money to get him to Europe which, in hindsight, was a huge mistake as he had no money to survive on after he landed.

Despite this, he was very grateful to leave Thailand alive.

Ian arriving in Munich where he had but one ‘friend’ (an ex-girlfriend, *Alessandra Rigaud who he had helped massively moneywise in the past when she was ill with a cancer scare) where he stayed for a few weeks before she threw him out on the street without any compassion as to whether he lived or died…

Nice one…

Her justification for her decision being that she felt deceived about Ian’s potential income stream, which had been promised to him in writing, by way of a business development agreement of $8,000 a month from an MLM company; FGXpress to build their business, which turned out to be another delusional promise.

Thank you Brad Hager and Tom Koller…

At this point, his depression was really severe.

He walked into town studying the River Isar which he knew to have a strong current and icy mountain waters and armed with the knowledge of being a weak swimmer, he was assured of his plan that this would finish him off.

Ironically, he figured that with his run of bad luck that some hero would dive in and fish him out and so he decided that his best course of action would be return and go in after dark.

He went back to Alessandra’s that night to sleep. She on the couch and he in the bedroom as usual.

Historically, despite alarms being set say for example for him to catch a plane, he always woke up on his own at least 20 minutes before their ringing.

That night he went to sleep and slept right through until 7am…

Go figure!

He then spent a week living in the Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) with
a lot of help from the Mormon church.

Then the consulate advised that he must go back to the UK by bus which turned out to be an even bigger mistake…

In Germany – despite their former reputation – the homeless are treated with respect.

In the UK, however, the homeless are regarded as scum and vermin to be avoided at every turn.

Having lived out of the country for more than 3 years, Ian was entitled to NOTHING.

Yet if he was black and a Muslim immigrant, he’d have been housed and have £2,000 in hand. This harsh reality, Ian discovered while helping Ethiopian immigrants in the hostels with their English.

There is now much about this in the UK press demanding that the Army be sent to France to quell the swarms coming over from Calais.

So he then couch surfed for a month with a new friend, a Tony Robbins Alumni, after having spent 64 days on the streets of London living in Trafalgar Square.

Ian calculated that after 64 days of aimlessly wondering the streets 14.5 hrs a day he’s covered 844 miles and that its no wonder that his entire skeletal structure is damaged.

What he has seen has been mind-blowing and understandably has added to his severe depression.

Most of what he has been witness to you simply couldn’t make up.

To quote Ian:

“Big John, an ex-Marine whose mind flipped three years ago, gave away 2 homes and thousands of Pounds, withdrew £1M out of his Swiss bank account in cash and then burned it on the south west corner of Trafalgar Square under Lord Nelson’s gaze!

Or worse yet – insane Mad Dog Paul who hears many voices and is definitely psychotic and bi-polar. One voice is his “Dragonite Masters” telling him he must make a human sacrifice to save the World.

“ You can only imagine what this did to Ian’s already flimsy mental state to wake up at 05.30am one morning to find Big Paul kneeling in prayer beside him declaring in his very deep “Dragonite” voice the last rites”.

The alcohol and drug abuse behind most of this is shocking at best. Many guys simply steal and have drunk 3 bottles of Vodka by mid – day and yet stay remarkably coherent.

On his travels, Ian has found spirituality, investigated and rejected Catholicism after having been thrown out of the Westminster Cathedral – “don’t want homeless vermin in our Church”, got close to the Mormon Church in Munich who were wonderful and finally rediscovered Buddhism joining the Hare Krishna Temple in Soho Square, London.

So here you are reading his abridged story, as he tries to keep going, find decent work, being positive despite the lure of 10grams of Nembutal and an exit with what little dignity he believes he has left.

So why back to Spain?

Well London prices are beyond belief, a few weeks ago 7 homeless men were led around to look at one room deals which were basically fly and rat infested shoe-boxes for a “mere” £250 a week!

At this stage in Ian’s life, he simply cannot afford these prices and his life would be more affordable in Spain where he has lived previously for over 6 years.

He also has a good support system comprised of old friends.

In Spain, unlike the UK, Ian will also have access to medical care and other services. In London he has nothing… he intends to use the funds to revert to Mallorca and build a renewable energy solar business with a particular focus on deploying funds for Solar PV power for the UK social housing homeless sector.

This was written by a Military Vet who saw combat in the Falklands war, a Close Protection Officer, Michael G. a good friend of his to Ian personally:

“A TRUE veteran of Survival in the deepest, most testing sense – over and over – and over again – and STILL plodding forward, upward and beyond!!! A man and a half within our midst… All future success is merely a formality now – and this needs to be both said and ‘owned’ – even by he that probably least realises it out loud…”

With thanks to Mel Manuel – Mostert for the edit. Huge debt of thanks To Debbie Cameron and Dom Emm for huge support, Liesbeth Buis, and Tony Robbins Platinum Alumni’s Jeane-Pierre Bianchi and Jan Mikulin.