The Crooked Financial System

You can say that I’ve seen the inner sanctum of the financial industry — and it’s not pretty, not to mention the champagne, coke and whores. That’s why I tell my readers to be cautious when dealing with these folks… in the end, they just want your money, and they don’t have many qualms about how they get it.

A prime example is what happened in 2008 during the financial crisis, when corrupt bankers and crooked Wall Streeters nearly destroyed the World’s economy to line their pockets. And sadly, nothing has truly changed today. Corrupt bankers and crooked Wall Streeters still rule finance and money today…

Beware City Of London/Wall Street Swindlers

We saw that corruption laid out in vivid fashion last week when these folks used the Brexit crisis to manipulate stocks. Using the cover of the Brexit, market makers slammed solid stocks in order to scare nervous stakeholders. Then last Tuesday — and for the rest of the week — stocks rallied, showcasing exactly how glaring that manipulation was.

See, after slamming stocks down for two days and getting people to dump their shares for cheap prices, the corrupt market makers jammed prices higher. It’s simply their way to get more money: The skittish investors who were pressured to sell good stocks at dirt-cheap prices would want back in after the panic ebbed — but now they’d have to pay through the nose.

It’s the classic Wall Street “slamma jamma” routine: Slam them down, jam them up again. Just one of many Wall Street routines that con people out of their stocks and cash.

That’s why I routinely say you can’t trust the banks. They rig the markets to help them manufacture dirty profits from your hard-earned dollars. Ask anyone who’s worked there … but maybe buy them a couple drinks if you want the truth. They’ll tell you it’s fixed, which is why many of them don’t own stocks or even have investment exposure to the stock market.

It’s truly a den of thieves … so it’s crucial to learn ways to navigate that world safely.

Protect Your Wealth Now

You won’t hear about this corruption from the mainstream talking heads who show up on main stream media news channels because most of these folks are in on the game.

Think about withdrawing at least a portion of your savings.

Many are becoming what I call “unbanked” with #Bitcoin. Gold and Silver are great alternatives if you have the cash. If not I have a Plan B suggestion.

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You can start this process while still at your current job which eventually may give you more time freedom for the things you love most.

All you need is a laptop or smartphone with an internet connection, the ability to follow directions, a dedicated work ethic, and patience, as nothing worth building happens overnight.

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