MKMMA Blog – Post Scholarship Completion Week 16


Just back from an amazing weekend retreat with my beloved Paula Maria. A holistic retreat where we danced around the campfire till some 4AM each night to Spanish country guitar music live – Check.

A Spiritual release, Paula was able to very emotionally deal with the sudden loss of Papa 22 years ago – he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was gone in 15 days. I was able to release the camp fire ceremony to release the anger with my Mother from years ago when she had always had my younger brother as her favourite son. We were told to write letters, Paula to her Papa me to my Mother, then at a given time throw them into the ceremonial fire and let go.

It worked for both of us and I have never seen Paula so happy and live up to her nickname of Smiler. She was dancing like she had been on Angel dust! Check.

Now can focus on making a new and better life, new seaview apartment for me Paula and her Son.

Then came the truly barking. Ayahuasca. We had to drink the most vile disgusting Columbian “medicines” that were beyond description as a further part of the release. 10 minutes later everyone is retching and throwing up into their sickbags; never seen or heard such a disgusting sight in my life.

Not sure if my gut will ever recover!

So 75% great fun but I am never going to abuse my digestive system like that again.

Good luck with Ayahuasca and Aurverdic natural therapies!

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