MKMMA – Post Scholarship Week 11 – Have You A Plan B?

We are taught to work 40hours a week for 40 years to live the rest poor!

100,000 hours paid in currencies that are losing buying power rapidly. We are surrounded by $Trillions in wealth and it’s up to us to tap into it. We are debt slaves to the moneylenders!

Modern slaves are not in chains they are in DEBT.

Be open to a Plan B – you need to be as Yoda said!

The system was DESIGNED to transfer YOUR wealth away from you – Fiat currency rip-offs.

Fiat currency historically will lose 75% of it’s buying power over the 70 year lifespan @ 2% inflation though on average they have collapsed around 40 years.

But NO Food or Energy items included in their statistics ADD those in and you’re losing 8%!

We need to set up multiple streams of income as a matter of URGENCY.

“By inflation, governments confiscate secretly and unobserved to transfer YOUR wealth away” – John Maynard Keynes

In the 1920’s 1 Ounce of Silver would buy you a very good meal, today it still will, but $67 cents would buy you what precisely?

To date the $USD has lost at least 45% of it’s buying power. Fiat currency is loaned into existence by central banksters – a Ponzi scam. If you or me tried that we would go to jail for a very long time.

Money is a linguistic conduct for expressing values.

The opposite of conformity is NOT courage.

Owning your own business can be time consuming, employees, inventory, insurance, market trends – marketing can be extremely challenging. However, some people have found a way to double their income without giving up what they do and lower their tax liabilities simultaneously.

By 2020 80% of employment will be online so digital connections are imperative.

We all love stores: The Red Sea story was a passage from bondage, follow the Heroes journey and we can feed 100’s, 1,000’s by letting go of our good for the greater good.

People are piling into Network Marketing in record numbers and sadly the audited facts are that with pills, potions, lotions and weight loss, 97% fail. It’s not a numbers game but a skills game. After weeks of due diligence I just found out about a way to make money online with no need to recruit and no monthly product autoship requirements to get paid.

  1. Financial independence requires: Residual Income.
  2. Financial independence requires: Leverage
  3. Financial independence requires: Duplication
  4. Financial independence requires: Wealth Preservation

It’s not LUCK it’s Labour Under Correct Knowledge we reverse Pareto’s 80/20 rule and 80% of our production comes from 20% of our efforts. It’s not get rich quick by far but a simple 6 Year Plan.

Most people who complain about financial life get curious when they hear they can do something about it but honestly some of them don’t. I think you know the type. They like to complain so that they can be a victim and get pity from all their friends.

Like I said above, I have found a way to make profits with no selling, no recruiting or rev shares unless you want to build a team – if you would like me to get you some information so you can do something about it PM me now.



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